Track your characters

Add characters to your list for quick access. Search to quickly check a character without saving it.

Easily see online status

Now you can always see if your friends (and enemies) are online. Login notifications can keep you up to date.

See progress at a glance

Immediately see levels of all tracked characters and get notified when they level up, die, and more.

See all the information about characters

Search for any character or save one in your list to see their online status or last login, level, premium status and home city. You can also see achievements, deaths, other characters on the account and more. It is also possible to save notes about characters to remember your own information about them.

Take a look at all the game worlds

Find your world and see how many players are online on each world right now. Check out details about a world, including a list of all players online, the online record, location, and more.

Read about all the guilds

Make your guild search and enemy espionage easy with a convenient list of guilds for each world. See all guild details like membership count, war status, and check if applications are open. Look at the members list and see which ones are online and what are their ranks in the guild. Favorite guilds to find them easily.

Hunt for a house

See all houses in each city of each world, filtering between houses and guildhouses. You can also choose to only display free houses and their auction details. Read all the information about each one and favorite the houses you like to quickly find them and receive notifications when people bid on them.

Browse the highscores

Highscores for each world are available, easily switchable between all the categories. Additional information about ranked players is just a tap away.

Find your way with the map

The built-in map is easily browsable and contains all the levels of the game. Now you can always find a route through complex caves and explore where you haven't been before.

Optimize your travel

The travel optimizer instantly shows you both the cheapest and fastest way to travel between any two cities. It's configurable and takes into account travel related quests that might affect your journey.

Get notified of news

You will never miss news from with the optional notifications. You can alse be notified when your saved characters log into the game, level up or die. Never miss a friend being in the game and always be up to date with their key events.

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